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Astrology as a branch of knowledge is one of the most important parts of the six Parts of the Vedas. The six parts are 1) Sikya 2) kalpa 3) Vyakaran 4) Nirukta 5) Chhanda 6) Jyotish. Astrology is described as the "eyes" of the Vedas and thereby gains the status of one of the most important organs of the body.

The importance of astrology as a branch of Vedic knowledge can be appreciated and realized from the meaning of the famous verse of sage Parashar.

Astrology as a vedic science helps and guides the individuals to know the times, past, present and future, so that they move ahead on the path of progress confidently and successfully. Astrology guides us in taking adequate precaution against possible and predicted difficulties so that we would not face the unforeseen problems with regard to our health, marital life, career and education etc. Astrology as a very ancient branch of knowledge of Indian origin can be established from the meaning and significance of the following verse;

Barahamihira has said that there are many 'vhedas' as per the astrology shastras and it depends mainly on three parts. Ancient Indian astrology has been divided into three parts: 1) Ganita, 2) Hora, 3) Samhita. In other words we can call it "Siddhanta Jyotisha", and secondly "Phalita Jyotisha".

"Sidhanta Jyotisha" has been further divided into three parts viz. 1) Siddhanta 2) Karana 3) Tantra.